Why the Need for Emergency Survival Kit

The frequency of natural disaster these days has made it impossible to ‘draw a line between the end of one disaster and the start of another.’ If it is not a hurricane then it is a tornado. On the heels of these disasters could either be an earthquake, flooding, or a tsunami. These phenomenons leave in their trail heavy toll on life and property. Therefore, we need to have an emergency survival kit ready.

It is high time to develop an emergency plan with your family and arrange emergency kit. But the truth of the matter is that, personally putting together emergency survival kit from the scratch is quite a task, given the number of items one has to acquire. What is more, experience shows that it is more frustrating to prepare during emergency situations. Why is it so?

During emergency, people become stricken with panic and everyone goes crazy as they try desperately to grab the essential items for their pack. As a result there maybe price hike. Again some essential items may run short. With this in mind it is always important to arrange emergency survival kit way ahead of time or go for ready-to-go kit which is already stuffed with all you need to depend on during the post-disaster period.

These unfortunate situations which could befall anybody, have given rise to many unprofessionally assembled emergency kits in the system.

However, I am about to introduce to you an emergency survival kit that is arranged by a team of professionals—first responders, law enforcement, certified and military personnel. That is the 5 Kit Emergency System.

The 5 Kit Emergency System

The 5 Kit Emergency System is manufactured by Emergency Case. They are helped by experts who have tasted real emergency situations before and know what it takes to survive, in designing this 5 kit emergency System.


The 5 Kit Emergency System comprises:

Food and Water Kit

The content include:

  • Mini sawyer water filtration system (one) (can filtrate 100,000 gallons of water)
  • 3600 calorie food bars (two)  5-year guarantee
  • Ready to eat sandwiches (three)  3-year guarantee
  • Candies in a container (one)
  • Airtight water pouches, sterilized (six)
  • Collapsible water bottles (two)
  • Water container to hold 2.5 gallons (one)
  • Water resistant organizing packing cube (one)


Sleep and Shelter Kit

  • 2-person camping tent (one)
  • Water resistant nylon sleeping bag. Very portable as it lightweight (two)
  • All weather themo-emergency sleeping bags (two)
  • Heavy duty tarp, reinforced grommet (8 ft.x 6ft) (one)
  • Noregian military ponchos (two)
  • Water resistant organizing packing cube (one)


Advance Medical Kit

  • First aid book (one)
  • Rescue application tourniquet (one)
  • Compact universal splint (one)
  • Triangular bandage with 2 safety pins (one)
  • Biohazard waste bag (one)
  • Surgical gloves (five pairs)
  • Tauma shears (one pair)
  • Precisison stainless steel tweezers
  • Personal anti-microbial wipes (two)
  • Burn gel packets (two)
  • Iodine prep pads (three)
  • Surgical cloth tape
  • Guaze wraps (two)
  • Guaze pads (four)
  • Elastic bandge wrap
  • Non adherent dressings (one)
  • 10 inch x 30 inch truama pads (two)
  • Wound closure strips (two)
  • 3 Aspirin 2-pack
  • Diamode one pack (3)
  • Diotame 2-pack (3)
  • Antihistamine 1 pack (3)
  • Ibuprofen two pack (3)
  • Triple antibiotic ointment pkt (3)
  • Hydro-cortisone cream  (1)
  • moleskin bandage
  • Knuckle Band aids (30)
  • Organizing packing cube, water resistant

Health and Hygiene Kit

  • Pack of hygiene wipes
  • toothbrush
  • A tube of toothpaste
  • Notepad, pen
  • A deck of cards
  • Deck of calks
  • Organizing packing cube, water resistant

And last but not the least,

Tools and Safety Kit

  • USB portable solar charger with LED flashlight
  • NOAA AM/FM Weather radio
  • High visibility vest
  • Hands free Led headlamp (2)
  • Six-in-one emergency preparedness knife
  • Seven-in-one multipurpose folding shovel and axe
  • Stanley multi-functional pry-bar hammer
  • Locking plier vise grip
  • Slingbag backpack
  • Working gloves (one pair)
  • Bic lighter (2)
  • Water-proof matches (one)
  • Plastic tarp
  • 1550 cord (25)
  • Emergency whistle with cord
  • Emergency rescue mirror
  • Permanent black marker
  • Velcro strap
  • Multi-use Zip tie (20)
  • Carabiners
  • Visibility duct tape
  • Trash bags (2)
  • Gallon ziploc bags (5)
  • Military can opener
  • Sandwich ziploc bags (7)
  • Organizing packing cube, water resistant (1)

According to Emergency Case, the 5 Kit Emergency System exceeds the recommendation outlined in the U. S Government disaster preparedness guidelines.

These Are The Product Collections:

  • PREMIUM FAMILY 4 PERSON 4 DAYS EMERGENCY KIT. Price $999.00. Click to see.
  • PREMIUM FAMILY 2 PERSON EMERGENCY KIT. Price $779.00. Click to see.
  • THE 2 PERSON CAR EMERGENCY KIT. Price $449.00.
  • 2 person 15 days food and water EMERGENCY KIT. Price $499.00.
  • 1 PERSON 3 PLUS DAYS QUICK KIT. Price $59.00.  This kit was assembled by using the 5 Kit Emergency System method.

These superior quality kits can be stored anywhere that you can quickly reach out for in case of emergency. They are made in America, in waterproof, watertight case which has skate-styled wheels for fast and easy transport.

Noteworthy is that you can be assured of 100 per cent money-back guarantee. Buy your Emergency Survival Kit now and you will not be disappointed.

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