What should you do if someone stops breathing?

What should you do if someone stops breathing?

What are the common causes for someone to stop breathing?

  • Heart attack
  • Drowning
  • Choking on smoke
  • Gas poisoning
  • Suffocation

A person who stops breathing can die within 4-6 minutes. Therefore, if a person stops breathing, apply mouth-to-mouth resuscitation immediately.

What is mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? Also, known as mouth-to-mouth breathing, it is a process used to make a person start breathing again by blowing air through his mouth.

What are the steps to follow if someone stops breathing due to one of the causes mentioned above? Do the following if there is no sign of breathing:

Step One

Make sure that his air passageway is cleared. The tongue of an unconscious person can sag backward in his throat, thereby blocking the air passageway to his lungs. Again mucus, vomits and saliva, or anything can stuck in the mouth or in the throat to seal the passage way. If so, quickly use your fingers to pull the sagging tongue forward, clear his mouth and throat of anything that is blocking the airways.

Step Two

With the unconscious person lying on his back, quickly lift his neck so that the head drops backward. The head must be tilted so that the crown of the head rests on the floor. Having done this, the chin will point almost straight upward and the jaw will be drawn forward.

Step Three

Pinch and close his nostrils with your fingers. With his mouth wide opened, place your mouth directly on the victim’s mouth. Blow air strongly into his lungs until his chest rises and feel his lungs expand. (Or you can blow into his nostrils while holding his mouth shut.) Pause to listen for the air leaving the victim’s lungs. Take another breath and repeat the process once every 5 seconds for an adult.

If the victim is a small child, put your mouth over both his mouth and nose and breathe very gently about once every 3 seconds.

Continue mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until the person can breathe by himself. If your efforts to assist the victim breathe fails, do not give up hastily. Try for an hour because some persons have revived after an hour or more of applying this method.

What Some People Think About This Method

Some have objected to this ‘kiss of life’ process as disgusting. They argue that you are kissing a possible corpse. However, if you know that what you are doing will safe somebody’s life it is never repugnant. On the other hand, you may place a clean handkerchief over the victim’s mouth and administer the process.

This method of revival by mouth-to-mouth breathing is very simple first-aid measure. Both adults and older children can learn. It can save somebody’s life. Certainly, this is a good reason for you to learn the method if you do not already know it.

You see, tragedy often strikes when least expected. We never know when a loved one, or someone else, may out of the blue stop breathing due to a heart attack, suffocation, or drowning. Therefore, it is appropriate to know how to administer this ‘kiss of life’ first aid measure which could save another person’s life. Do you know this method already?

Is this method repugnant as some say? What do you think? Your comment will be much appreciated.

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