Why should you prepare an emergency survival kit for your family?

“Dad and Mom please, if you care about me then, get our emergency survival kits together. Because in the event of a disaster, amenities are going to be damaged and you can’t tell whether the city authorities would be able to provide enough for us all.”

What a solemn message from a boy to his parents! What parent will not listen to this serious plea from a member of the family he dearly cares about!

There is overwhelming evidence across the globe that what the boy said is a fact: that the disaster management agencies cannot adequately provide for all affected in a disaster.

For a fact, many people quite do not understand what actually occurs during a disaster and so they see our awareness creation as a scare tactics or marketing strategy to get people buy some emergency survival item we are promoting. It is true that we want to grow a business but our aim primarily, is to educate the public about the importance of being prepared ahead for a disaster.

It has been observed after a disaster, that great number of households were unprepared for any type of disaster such as fire, hurricane, flood, tornado, landslide, earthquake etc. People believe that the government and its agencies will come to their aid should a disaster occur. Well, the aids do come but often times, it is inadequate. At other times too, it delays. Just what do we need to survive a disaster?

The Essential Items

The essential items that we need are water, food, medications, clothing and some emergency tools. In reality, these items become scarce when a disaster causes massive destruction.

At such times, you will notice that the emergency shelters are filled with thousands of men, women, teenagers, children, and infants, scattered all over waiting for help.

They are people who have either lost their homes or who have to evacuate to escape disaster. What about the hospitals? The least said about them the better. They may be flooded with injured people that the emergency equipment and nursing staff may not be enough to care for everyone. These are irrefutable facts.

Why Get Ready An Emergency Survival Kit Now?

These days it seems nature is furious and it can strike at anytime, anywhere and if it does, nothing can stand in its way. Why do we say that?

Recent volcanic eruptions in Hawaii in May and Guatemala in June 2018, with devastating lava flow, hurricane Bub churning coast of Mexico and massive wild fire in California in 2018, causing untold destruction to property should be the clarion call for each person and family to have an emergency survival kit.

Some people think that this incident will not happen to them, and so it is of no value to have an emergency kit. I hope you do not share that opinion, do you?

Nevertheless, look at this scenario. Imagine your home is standing right in the way of harm. An evacuation order is sounded. What will you do? You will vacate, won’t you? That is the only option to save your life! If so, how would you go? Would you vacate empty-handed? That will depend on whether you have prepared your emergency kit or not!

An important fact is that, in time of emergency we do not have enough time to think; no we don’t think in time of emergency, we follow what has been planned.

This is why you need to get an emergency survival kit ready and have emergency plan in place. Your plan can make a critical difference in how you and your family make it through a disaster and the few hours and days afterwards.

A Real Incident

Let me relate to you a real incident that was reported in the New York Daily News of April 7, 1996, to reiterate the need to have an emergency response plan and have all members of your family involve, including the furry members of the family—the pets.

The account had it that, a strayed cat with five kittens lived in a dilapidated abandoned garage subject to many suspicious fires. On the morning of March 29, 1996, fire engulfed mama cat’s family home. Ladder Company 175, a fire department, responded and the fire was put under control.

One of the firemen heard the cries of the kittens. Surprisingly, he detected three of them outside the building.  He found another one a short distance across the street and then the last one on the side walk.

He further noticed that each had different degree of burns, and each kitten’s burns were progressively more severe. Why? The kittens were too young to escape on their own. Therefore mama cat had to carry them to safety one at a time and some having to wait longer for rescue, that’s why the different degree of burns.

He found mama cat nearby in pain with her eyelids shut and swollen from the smoke. The pads of her feet sustained some burns, with scorch marks on her face, ears and legs. He rushed them to an animal center where they received intensive care. The good news was that the eyes of mama cat were not damaged; only the fifth kitten was lost.

Now pause a moment for reflection; picture mama cat, which by nature has some fear of fire, going into the burning building filled with smoke rescuing her babies. It is beyond belief that she had to go in there five times to pull her babies out!

What is the point?

We are not here suggesting that we show the same kind of bravado to enter any burning building, or quake-stricken structure in the effort to rescue someone or salvage something when we are not given the go ahead by the authorities. That can be dangerous. So do not attempt to re-enter a burning building once you are out!

On the other hand, to be able to save your family depends largely on having an emergency response plan and practicing it regularly with your family so that in the event of any disaster you could help your family escape just as mama cat did. This will also prevent you from being panicky. Instead you will be calm and composed.

Moreover, when you have an emergency survival kit in place, you won’t be lingering or hesitant to move when an evacuation order is sounded, instead it will help you move quickly. What is more, it will help you alleviate some of the chaos brought about by the crisis, thereby having some form of relieve.

Pet Emergency Kit

Do you own a pet? This animal cannot survive on its own during disaster. It needs you! When planning for the members of the household, you should not forget about the furry members of the family.

Creating a pet emergency kit is quite simple. What items should you include in the pet’s emergency kit?

These are:

  • The pet’s food and water
  • Leash and collar
  • Bowls
  • Your pet’s photo or a photo of you with the pet
  • Medications for your pet
  • Immunization and veterinary records
  • First aid kit
  • Contact list of pet-friendly hotels
  • Toys, rope and sanitation bags
  • Pet carrier

In conclusion, if our family is so dear to us, and we want the best for them, then we will heed the call from that boy to his parents to prepare an emergency survival kit, not just for the human members but also for the furry members of the family. You may read a review for the best emergency survival kit 

If you have the emergency survival kit in place, you can then say that you could face the consequences of any disaster that may occur. You may be interested in reading the tips for arranging survival kits.

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  1. It is actually very essential to have a emergency survival kit for our family. This article actually explains it very well about why we should have a emergency kit. It might sound unnecessary right now but it might be the only thing w ended one day.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article

    • You are right Sujandar. Now we don’t see the benefit of an emergency survival kit. But it is what we need when a disaster strikes. During emergency, there is no time to put together the survival items. Therefore if you do not already have one you may read our review on the best emergency survival kit and acquire one. Thanks so much.

  2. Everytime I read these articles I always see a mention of medications. Is it medications for the family members like extra medications or is it antibiotics and if it is antibiotics what is the shelf life of them? I know medications do have a shelf life and some vary depending on the medication it is of course. Would you recommend antibiotics that are sold in pet stores, that are actually for pets but can be consumed by humans and they have a long-lasting shelf life than other prescription products? The question being again what type of medications do these articles refer to?

    • Hey Jason, thanks so much for reading this post. You need medications that are for pets. Antibiotics are included. Please talk with your healthcare provider or veterinary professional about the responsible use of antibiotics to keep your pets healthy.

  3. Hi Admin! That boy deserves an award. What people don’t usually know is that it is better to be prepared than being taken unaware. Getting emergency survival tools does not necessarily means that disaster is being promoted. Instead of depending on the government alone to come to our aid if a disaster strikes, aids may be delayed before it comes, in such a scenario we make use of the emergency surviving tools.Thanks for schooling me on the importance of having emergency surviving kit and plan.

    • Hi Gracen, I appreciate your reading this post. People depend solely on the government only to be disappointed in the aftermath of a disaster. If you don’t have an emergency kit, I encourage you to read our review on the best emergency survival kit and try to acquire one. You can also get instructions on how to plan before, during and after a disaster at this link, planaheadofdisaster.com/planning-ahead-tips. Thanks so much. 

  4. Thank you for sharing ¨Why should you prepare an emergency survival kit for your family?¨ I can tell you this for a fact. Emergency Survival Kits have become an increasingly important aspect of emergency planning. With natural disaster, like the ones you mentioned in your article, seeming to occur with increased frequency it is more important than ever to have survival kits in your home and perhaps even in your vehicle. When a snow storm comes up quickly and stand motorists overnight along the highway or a hurricane comes through and a family must quickly seek refuge, having a survival kit may be the difference between life and death. If you travel frequently having one in the trunk of your car, like I do, would be a very good thing to carry.I have a Ready America 70385 Deluxe Backpack for 4 people, US Coast Guard approved emergency survival kit. The kit provides enough supplies, including food and water for 3 days.

    • Thank you Enrique for reading this post and your nice contribution. It is important to have one survival kit in your vehicle as well as in your home as you have mentioned. 

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